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On our website Center 9402 we presents you the creativity and skills of our associates through their genuine works. A sales presentation of original paintings by the painter couple Una and Tony Rubiroza. Order original works of art and painting. Be the first to see their latest work. All the artworks displayed on our website are original. Pictures, graphics and drawings are displayed.

Painting Mermaid Author Una and Toni Rubiroza, License Binis Alpha

Enrich your personal and business space with original copyright paintings.

Be unique and original.

Give your business friends an original painting.

Painting: Mermaid, Authors: Una and Tony Rubiroza, Licence: Binis Alpha

By purchasing pictures exclusively through our website and our links, you get a certificate addressed to you that you have purchased an original artwork of which they are the authors. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok. You can also see their work on our YouTube channel as well as Twitter and Pinterest.

Paintings are made in Serbia. We ship them with DHL

Usually, the paintings is ready for delivery to the DHL between 7-15 working days from the day of receipt of payment, due to obtaining all necessary government licenses and certificates for export.

Estimated delivery time by DHL is 5-10 days from the day of delivery to the courier, excluding Sundays and holidays. It depends on the country you live in.

Binis Alpha doo, Stara Pazova, Serbia, is a company that, among other things, deals with the sales presentation of works of art of our established and unconfirmed artists. We have licenses and rights granted by the authors of works of art for the sale of originals. We have licences to sell their prints for transfer to physical objects (clothing, cups, plates, etc.). We do not permit, without our written consent or the written consent of the author of the work, any copying or downloading of images and/or any part of the content. Sales presentation of the original paintings of the painting pair Una and Tony Rubiroza.

We support artists, students and graduates of art academies. Anyone who want to show case their work and to achieve personal goals, which are in line with the goals of Binis Alpha.

We present objects and works to the public through our websites, shops and on social networks.

Our mission: Presentation and promotion of creativity. Raising the level of awareness in the fields of culture, education, healthy lifestyle, fighting poverty. Work on ensuring the best possible conditions for the presentation and sale of works of art by authors with whom we have cooperation and from whom we have licenses and rights.

Our vision: Sustainable and balanced socio-economic development. Achieving a higher quality of life and family. Respect for personal freedoms, initiatives, opportunities and responsibilities.

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