Cupcake wrappers

Printed, Semi-filigree and filigree cupcakes wrappers

The looks, in addition to the taste, are very important for the cupcakes. Whether you are a organizer of sweet tables, a pastry cook, it is important appearance of the cupcake. As well, as topper on it. Birthday or a business celebration, it is nice to have a cupcake wrapper that reflects the theme of the celebration. You can read about the toppers for cupcakes by clicking onToppers” on the website menu. As well as on online store where you can order them.

We are making the printed wrappers with images, cartoon characters, photos. Company logo that you send us, it’ not a problem to made. We also make a full cupcake wrapper of gold metallic mirror cardboard. Or in a full color in accordance with the Toppers and even the color of whipped cream. For special occasions, we are making cupcake wrappers in various colors. Delivery is a courier service, and you can also take it in person.

Dimension and order

Printed and Semi-filigree cupcake wrappers is about 45-60mm high. The base diameter is about 50mm and the diameter of the upper shaft is about 80-90mm, depending on the model. The minimum quantity is 6 pcs. The larger quantity must be divide by 3 (12, 15, 18,…, 96.99). However, we are always ready to talk about quantities and prices. You can find information on this link and you can also perform an order on that line. If you have special requests you can contact us via the page, or directly on our Internet store.


Printed and Semi-filigree cupcake wrappers, We use the highest quality production cardboard of 250 gsm for filigree and full color cupcake wrapper. We use the best glossy cardboard and colors for the printing. Send a photo of your sweet table or cupcake to publish them, with or without your contact details.


We charge the cardboard, color and service of the cupcake wrappers for images that are sent to us. We don’t charge or sell drawings, photos, or pictures. The price on the cupcake wrapper is the time-out, effort and consumables used to create your custom cupcake wrapper. We don’t sell pictures in digital form. All characters in the digital form used in the custom design are free, are not the subject of sale. We do not claim ownership of the characters or images used in your custom cupcake wrapper. They belong to their copyrighted owners and distribute them only to authorized dealers. These images are allowed for disposable personal use according to sales Doctrine. They can’t be resold for any reason.

You are paying our services, material and time spent in designing your caper that is allowed for disposable personal use. These digital images are not our licensed product; All character images are free and are not sold. We do not sell or claim ownership of graphic image, graphics, images. Except for certain ones that are our designs and designs.

You can set up questions and suggestions directly through our Facebook page.

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