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Edible pictures for cakes, gingerbread, muffins, lollipops, biscuits and cupcakes

Want to decorate cake, gingerbread, lollipops, muffins? To make it beautiful but you don’t have any experiences or time? No problem! You’re at the right place. We are here to help you and save your time, effort and money.

Edible images? What are they and how are they made? How do they set up? You will find answers to these questions.

We make edible images on three kinds of edible paper with edible colors. Edible images and colors that we use are approved by the FDA. Certified in Germany and medical examined in Serbia. We have the Certificate of Health Safety of the Public Health Institute of the Republic of Serbia. Kosher and Halal.

You can order edible image for cake or picture for gingerbread, lollipops, via FB page or you can choose one of the theme edible images on our Online Store.

Decorate your cake with an edible picture. Any form of edible images as any picture or photo can be sent . We will do it the cheapest and the best quality. Printed in the full color on the edible paper of your choice, within 24-48 hours. If you want edible pictures for gingerbread, lollipops, muffins, cookies, you are in the right place.


Some photos of Cakes with our edible images

The shapes and dimension of edible pictures are in your desire. The number of pictures per sheet depends on shape and size of the thumbnail. Can be on a list of 1-35 smaller pictures . Pictures are high-resolution and full color tone. The smallest order is one sheet. The pictures are uncut. Dimensions (h x w) can be combined from 20mm to 290mm, a diameter of 40mm to 210mm. The same dimension is the number of pictures on the sheet. The prices of the edible images are given per sheet, not by the small pictures.

Send a photo of your Cake with our edible picture and we will publish it on our fb page. We do not publish the photos with the children without fade the face.

The quality of the edible image itself, is very much dependent on the quality of the photo you send us. Because of that, in our service within this price, we redesign the sent image. We do the refreshment of colors in the sent image. Search for the same or similar images of better resolution, sending pre-attached images to you for confirmation. The quality confirmation is that our edible pictures are ordered worldwide. We send pictures and pictures with the courier service, and you can also take it personally.

A few words about edible papers

Starchy edible paper is more famous in slang as “rice paper” although it is made of potato starch. The Sheet of edible wafer paper is weighing about 5 grams, dimensions 210mm x 297mm (format A4). It is cheaper than other edible paper, and therefore the edible picture on it is cheaper. The edible picture made on this paper not “alive” as in the fondant of edible paper. Edible image made on starch paper be placed an hour before consuming the cake so that the image remains stable. If you did not prepare Cake on good way for this paper, it quickly becomes wavy.

Unlike edible starch paper, edible fondant paper is made of fondant with special technology. The sheet is heavier, about 40 grams. Format is A4. Paper is located on a foil that is a few millimeters longer than the edible fondant paper. It is considerably more expensive than the previous one, making it significantly more expensive for the edible image. It must be carefully and slowly removed so that the picture will not be torn apart.

There is a sugar paper called the decor, which is cheaper than edible fountain paper. Some people, are selling you pictures made on it as edible pictures on the fondant. If you make and decorate a cake for yourself, you can see the difference between decorative paper and fondant. The decor has a visible foil on one side only. The fondant has a visible foil on both sides. The Decor edible paper has a pronounced scent of vanilla, while fondant does not. The image we do on edible fondant paper is brighter, “more alive”. Longer lasting and has more color intensity, but it is also more expensive.


We charge edible paper, colors and services of the production of edible images sent to us. We don’t charge or sell drawings, photos, or pictures. The price on edible pictures is for our time, effort and material we use to create your custom edible picture.

We don’t sell pictures in digital form. All of the characters in the digital form used in the custom design are free. Not the subject of sale. We do not claim ownership of the characters or images used in your custom edible images. They belong to their copyrighted owners and distribute them only to authorized dealers. These images are allowed for disposable personal use according to sales Doctrine. They can’t be resold for any reason. Keep in mind that you are paying our services, material (edible paper, color, packaging). Therefore, We spent time designing your edible picture or thumbnail that is allowed for disposable personal use. These digital images are not our licensed product. All character images are free and are not sold. We do not sell or claim ownership of graphic image, graphics, images. Except for certain ones that are our designs and designs.

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