The Toppers and Stickers

Printed and textual cupcakes and cake toppers, silhouettes for cakes, muffins and cupcakes. Stickers for pops sticks and straws.

Do you want to have a unique cake or muffin decoration designed for your sole event? To be an unusual decoration to your liking and ideas? These are toppers for cakes and cupcakes and muffins as well as stickers for pops sticks and straws!

We make toppers for cakes and for muffins and cupcakes. We do it in several types with a large number of models. Toppers are not edible and one sided. We design and create printed toppers, with your or our text we do textual toppers, sillhouettes and stickers for pops sticks and straws. International delivery by Serbian mail or ems or express courier service.

The toppers can be in different dimensions, from 1x1cm to 30x30cm, different shapes and patterns, in color as desired. The advantage of cooperating with us is that we can design and create the toppers you want. Just give us a theme and we will prepare you several models to choose. We’re always ready to deal with the design and prices. You can view and order the Toppers on a Facebook page, or choose directly on our Internet store.

Printed, Textual toppers, Silhouettes, Stickers

The Printed toppers are cut by the shape of a picture or photograph, one-sided prints, but upon request, certain toppers are made as double-sided prints. The topper carrier is a wooden stick or a plasticized wire, again at your request. We use the world’s highest quality glossy cardboard. Look at the Printed toppers in the form of the heart with a message, in the form of hearts with a figurine and a message, or by a special request, a double-sided topper Film Clap. All other Printed toppers can be viewed, read information about them and order here. From most of printed toppers we can made stickers for pops sticks and straws!


The unique decoration of the Cake is textual toppers.If you want originality, uniqueness, sophisticated cake decor, see the filigree-made decorated topper “Happy Birthday” with decoration, gold metallic. Just send the text you want. And we are going to do a design and you will be very satisfied. We use the highest quality factory-colored cartons of 250gsm. You can see textures here.

Send a photo of your cake with the topper to publish it. We do not publish photos of children without blurring their faces and unless their parents or guardians don’t send us the image of the cake or just send the message of their approval for our publishing.

Silhouettes are basically one-sided, but per your demand can be two-sided. Made on a one-color cardboard or on a gold and silver metallic mirror cardboard. The dimensions are different, if desired.


We charge the cardboard, color and service of the toppers for the images sent to us. We don’t charge or sell drawings, photos, or pictures. The price on the Toppers is the fee for the time, effort and consumables used to create your custom toppers for cakes, muffins, capers. We don’t sell pictures in digital form. All of the characters in the digital form used in the custom design are absolutely free and are not the subject of sale. We do not claim ownership of the characters or images used in your custom toppers, they belong to their copyrighted owners and distribute them only to authorized dealers.

These images are allowed for disposable personal use according to sales Doctrine. They can’t be resold for any reason. Keep in mind that you are paying our services, material (cardboard, color, packaging) and time spent designing your toppers allowed for disposable personal use. These digital images are not our licensed product; All character images are free and are not sold. We do not sell or claim ownership of graphic image, graphics, images, except for certain ones that are our designs and designs.

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