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Painting Fire

Description: This picture can be viewed from 2 angles. If it were turned 180C, it would represent fire, and if viewed from this angle, it would represent the crown of possibilities and success. One of Authors phase, Abstract phase, which is called “My temperature balance”. Painting made in 2017-2019. Technique: oil and acrylic on canvas. Abstraction. Dimension: (H x W) 150cm x 100cm
Authors: Painting couple Una and Tony Rubiroza. License: Binis Alpha.

– Material: Professional acrylic/oil paints, canvas, hand-painted.

– To protect painting well during international shipping, painting is sent stretched on the basic frame, packed in a cardboard package protected by Styrofoam and wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid damages, it’s 100% safe. You can decide to frame it at any of your local framing shop, depends on your taste.

2,800 EUR
280 EUR (tax)
Total: 3,080 EUR