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Painting Giving Birth

Description: In the sea of ​​imperfect decisions, imperfect actions, imperfect beings, there is something that tends to the imagination. Imagination gives us the power to make everything imperfect into a perfect being. Painting made in 2021. Technique: combined. Abstraction, pastiche. Dimension: (H x W) 200cm x 100cm Authors: Painting couple Una and Tony Rubiroza License: Binis Alpha.

– Material: Professional acrylic/oil paints, canvas, hand-painted.

– To protect painting well during international shipping, painting is sent stretched on the basic frame, packed in a cardboard package protected by Styrofoam and wrapped in bubble wrap to avoid damages, it’s 100% safe. You can decide to frame it at any of your local framing shop, depends on your taste.

4,900 EUR
490 EUR (tax)
Total: 5,390 EUR