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Painting Turn the page

Description: The image was created with the sounds of a song and appeared as a sequence of sound transformed into an image. Painting made in 2018. Technique: oil on canvas. Abstraction. Dimension: (H x W) 100cm x 150cm Authors: Painting couple Una and Tony Rubiroza License: Binis Alpha.

Material: Professional acrylic/oil paints, canvas, hand-painted.

To protect painting during international shipping, painting is unframed, unstretched and rolled (unframed/not stretched) and shipped in a quality plastic/cardboard tube to avoid damages, it’s 100% safe and painting comes back to its original/flat state once you stretch it on a wooden base. You can decide to frame it or simply stretch it at any of your local framing shop, depends on your taste, it’s beautiful both way. This paintings not ready to hang, canvas sent in roll with slats for the base frame and instructions for connecting the frame and tightening the picture.

2,100 EUR
210 EUR (tax)
Total: 2,310 EUR