Realism Paintings

Realism paintings by Una and Tony Rubiroza. Realism is recognized as the first modern movement in art, which rejected traditional forms of art, literature, and social organization as outmoded in the wake of the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution.

Beginning in France in the 1840s, Realism revolutionized painting, expanding conceptions of what constituted art. Working in a chaotic era marked by revolution and widespread social change, Realist painters replaced the idealistic images and literary conceits of traditional art with real-life events, giving the margins of society similar weight to grand history paintings and allegories.

Their choice to bring everyday life into their canvases was an early manifestation of the avant-garde desire to merge art and life, and their rejection of pictorial techniques, like perspective, prefigured the many 20th-century definitions and redefinitions of modernism.

For these paintings, we found inspiration in many events.
Painting “Look” Motive from the movie Professional. The moment when the gaze between the two people was caught.

Painting “Mermaid” is a person who swims through life’s light-goal. He is surrounded by jellyfish. Jellyfish represent the scars of life.

Painting “Magical mind” – The power of rubber is so great that it can create everything you focus on. Our thoughts create our reality. Bright colors represent positive thoughts.

Painting “Butterfly” represents rebirth and a magnificent new life. In all its fragility, it represents the courage needed to make the changes necessary to become a processional and spiritual citizen.

Painting “Goddess of autumn” is an artistic depiction of the Goddess of Autumn in art deco style.

Painting “Patriarch Pavle” who is the Serbian most famous Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Painting “Woman fighter” dedicated to women who are fearless and fighting.

Painting “Transformation” – In the stormy grayness and the convulsions in her body, broken by the blows, she bowed her faceless head and still gained wings. The winged symbol of hope and her success in getting out of that grayness.

Painting “Soko” – The fastest boat in the world landed on the windowpane.

Painting “Milena” – Women’s nude photos